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There are two different types of solar panel generations at this point in time. Most of the panels are made out of silicone whether it's mono or poly or amorphous silicon and these produce different types of panels at different types of price well as different useful life and output. 

The first generation use the mono or poly silicone and the second generation uses solar cells consisting of amorphous silicon. 

The converter (inverter) takes the DC current from the panels (created by taking on the sun's energy) and turns it into AC current for use in your house. All solar roofing must come with an converter and it is one of the most important pieces of the solar install. 

The converter is used by solar contractors to convert the DC to AC and any excess not used can be stored in batteries. Semper uses Tesla batteries as these are by far the best on the market currently. 

We consider ourselves the best solar company for the fact that we offer the highest quality install on the highest quality products available. 

When you're considering solar companies, consider us first and you'll be glad you did!

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