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This proposal is for San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside, Oceanside & San Bernardino, California, for Baker Electric Solar.


Project aims to gain maximum front page ranking for Baker solar, to each of the separate cities, for the keyword phrases presented in the San Diego project.  


The goal will be to sustain long-term organic front-page ranking to the majority of keyword phrases that maximize the opportunity for BES to be visible online to their most effective potential clients.


What we offer:


  1. Front Page Visibility on Google's organic search engine result's pages to the most effective local solar keyword phrases.  Keyword phrases include all adjacent cities mentioned above.  Visibility is defined by the website URL of BES.

  2. One video on video tab of Google's front page in EACH of the cities outlined.

  3. Optimized Social Media Sites to the 10 selected Social Media in the on-page SEO packets

  4. 10 images from the BES webpage that will be optimized to the front page of Google's images for as many phrases apply.

  5. Tracking SERP reports once a week that clearly define the results and future motives for strategy implementation.


NetVizual's front page ranking system on Google's organic SERPS has these advantages:

  1. PROOF:  Front Page rankings for BES on the on Google  as a show of good faith.

  2. Sustainability in the organic section, coming up on page one every time clients search

  3. SECURITY and peace of mind, through White Hat SEO tactics with content based blogs, videos & social media, for results that are safe for your business, for the long term.

4.  This system lays the foundation for systematic results in exactly the places that make your the most money, to exactly the keyword phrases that make your business that most money.

5.  80% of your potential clients click on the organic results, opposed to 20% that click on the AdWords

6.  RESULTS:  Tracking and proof that you're targeting the right clients, from the right TIME & PLACE, maximizing and securing your business with the best future opportunity to take automated new clients from the front page of Google.  Success NOW, and for years to come.



An AdWords Campaign, for the keywords presented in this San Diego project, would cost over $200,000/month.  

Assuming that L.A and the other three cities are valued on average of 40% San Diego's worth, the total value of all of the cities would be 


$210,000/month (San Diego) + 40% x $210,000 x 4 cities = $336,212/month x 12 months

=  $4,034,520/Year for something only worth 20% as much, and for only as long as you pay for it.

To move forward on the right foot and on the same page, NetVizual will agree to a minimum one year contract.  Instead of $250,000/month for just San Diego, NetVizual agrees to service the online visibility for all FIVE cities, for less than a tenth of the price of San Diego.  $20,000/month for all five cities for the period of one year.


One Year Contract @ $20,000 Down and $20,000/month.  Automatically paid every thirty days, one month in advance.


Two Year-Contract $16,000 Down $16,000/month paid in quarterly installments 


Five Year Contract at $15,000 Down and $15,000/month the first year and $2,000 a month off each year until it reaches a minimum of $8,000/month

Year 1-$15,000/mo

Year 2-$13,000/mo

Year 3-$11,000/mo

Year 4 $ 9,000/mo

Year 5 $8,000/mo

First Two Years payable in quarterly installments.  Last Three Years payable monthly.  All Organic Content and Digital Assets are given ownership to BES and BES maintain's all organic ranking credibility and work done through solar specific digital assets* (must maintain baker electric links if contract is still valid, see contract for details.  BES reserves right to retain exclusive consulting services of NetVizual at the FEE of $10,000/month.  Services are limited to advice, all links are at the future disposal of NetVIzual.  Consulting services are limited to 2 hours/month video consulting, and not by any one specific entity or employee.  


THINK ABOUT IT.  For FIVE cities, for five years, with results that will almost certainly soon be ranking front page nationally.  It breaks down to less than $2,500/city each month, and you've already been shown the results you can expect.

Complete Indemnification is granted to NetVizual for any and all third or fourth part linking (see contract) that may come as a realist of the ArcNet.

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